julio 19, 2011


:D ONE LAST TIME - The kooks

Can I hold you one last time
To fight the feeling that is growing in my mind
I know I did us both all so wrong
I know I'm not always all that strong
A-b-c-d-e-f and -g
Oh that reminds me of when we were free
Before life began to tear us apart
Remember those classes when we thought we were so smart
Ooooooooh... Ooooooooh
We were lovers in every way
Left school together, went back to my place
Now I can hardly remember her face
Before I met her I was ..sad
And can I hold you one last time
To fight this feeling that is growing in my mind.

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Georgina ♥ dijo...

hermoso tu blog, te sigo. Te dejo mi blog asi pasas si queres, www.beeauty-romance.blogspot.com
te espero, un beso enorme y sueerte♥.

livingthemoment dijo...

P R E C I O S O,tu blog! me encanta! te sigo:) un besito desde:

...alkai... dijo...

Kate is awsome!